RSA Launches NetWitness Suite To Enhance Security

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jul 29, 2016


Cyber security experts RSA today introduced a new threat detection and response solution that is engineered to provide deeper insights for security teams and help them contain and eradicate cyber threats and limit the consequential business impact. 

The RSA NetWitness Suite has been optimized to monitor a far broader set of attack vectors while capturing activity over long periods of time. This promotes a much more comprehensive and deeper level of understanding so security teams can be more effective in shutting down an entire attack campaign instead of merely resolving a single incident, says a press statement issued by RSA. 

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The RSA NetWitness Suite is designed to offer organizations a unified solution that helps analysts identify and understand compromises so they can detect and respond to threats before they have a negative business impact.

“RSA NetWitness Suite helps organizations to connect what may look like seemingly isolated incidents and respond comprehensively, before attackers can inflict harm on the business. We have engineered RSA NetWitness Suite to provide unparalleled insight and the fastest, most comprehensive ability to defeat today’s security threats,” said Grant Geyer, Senior Vice President, Products, RSA.

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New capabilities within the RSA NetWitness Suite include, Live Connect that is designed to enable organizations to utilize and operationalize real-time, crowd-sourced threat intelligence from the RSA customer, partner, and research communities for faster threat identification and more informed incident prioritization. 

The suite also includes improved threat detection by combining recently introduced behavioral analytics with data science models and machine learning that does not require advanced knowledge of specific attacks or signatures, rules, or analyst tuning.