RSA Launches New Advisory Services

by CXOtoday Staff    Nov 10, 2009

RSA has announced new consultative and advisory services to help enterprises implement or improve their security operations so that they can effectively manage risk and IT compliance programs.

According to RSA, since cyber threats have become more sophisticated and IT systems more complex, large enterprises are looking to improve the performance and responsiveness of IT and security operations. Enterprises need to take a more advanced approach to security operations and integrate key IT operations functions. This should help organisations identify, manage incidents and protect valuable information. To address these issues in large enterprise environments, EMC and RSA (which is the security division of EMC) have introduced a suite of consulting and advisory services.

The consulting and advisory services that have been made available immediately are:

  • Security operations strategy and assessment
  • Security operations management
  • Security operations analysis and design

With these new services, customers will be able to,

  • Gather and analyse security data across the enterprise
  • Evaluate risk in order to prioritise remediation
  • Detect and react to security incidents, including first-line response to incidents
  • Monitor the IT environment to ensure effectiveness of security controls
  • Report out on security metrics
  • Support the organizations’ efforts to address IT compliance requirements

"Looking beyond the perimeter and integrating technology such as security information and event management with data loss prevention and integrated feeds for threat, attack and mitigation processes, can also facilitate a quicker response to attacks and swift, effective decision-making," said Mischel Kwon, vice president of Public Sector Security Solutions at RSA.