RTLS Is Real-time

by CXOtoday Staff    Jan 24, 2006

Real Time Locating System (RTLS) - a system that uses RFID technology to transmit the physical location of RFID tagged objects, is being increasingly used across industries ranging from healthcare to manufacturing, having found its place after due experimentation.

RTLS plays a key role where assets need to be located in transit or real-time data is required. Though several alternative technologies exist, factors like aspirations to higher profit margins, decreasing brand loyalty and emerging laws and regulations with respect to consumerism and defence have combined to boost RTLS.

Frost & Sullivan’s analysis on RFID Real Time Locating Systems Market reveals that RTLS market earned revenue of $201.3 million in 2004 and estimates to reach $1.26 billion in 2011.

“The unique feature of RTLS, to provide real time data is being a major driver in this market. The need for real time data is growing in every vertical as it is perceived to provide efficiency and better customer service by providing access to the right information at the right time,” said Sathya Durga, Frost & Sullivan Research Associate.

A successful implementation of this technology requires deep understanding of business operations, quality functions, system support issues, standards, IT infrastructural issues and ERP systems.

Ineffective deployments however could adversely impact a company as it could cause customer dissatisfaction, increase customer support enquires and ruin the brand image.