SaaS App From eCounting Uses WOLF PaaS

by Sharon Lobo    Sep 14, 2009

eCounting Corporate Management Services Private Ltd. is a Bangalore
based company founded by a team of Chartered Accountants based in
India, with associate companies in the Middle East. eCounting has been
providing accounting, audit and tax consultancy services for the last
15 years and has developed a host of SaaS products for the Finance and
Accounting Industry.

eCounting’s business requirements and challenges
operations are geographically widespread, as a result it was difficult
for the company’s customers to access complete accounting information,
financial analytics in real time. Due to this reason eCounting’s growth
was being restricted. Additionally eCounting needed to send their
accountants to their customer’s office to enter accounting data and
prepare weekly MIS financial reports in excel sheets which were then
emailed out to the management.

eCounting felt a need to
provide their customers with an easy to use, secured web based system
which could be accessed online for entering, storing all accounting
related transactions of an organization and generate instant reports
and analysis. Also being an SMB, eCounting wanted a solution which was
cost effective with minimal burden on their IT department.

eCounting selects Wolf’s PaaS to build a customized e-accounting and financial SaaS application
needed an integrated solution that offered a customizable web
accounting software which aligned to the Indian accounting and auditing
practices with an OnDemand business model. However no accounting
software available in the Indian market was available on the web or as
an OnDemand Model.

eCounting evaluated several PaaS providers
and found that WOLF Frameworks’ PaaS, delivered a rare combination. It
offered software and hosting infrastructure along with a high security
environment. Additionally the solution was very affordable in terms of
per user rate and was able to build in-depth complex workflows that
matched and mirrored eCounting’s processes.

WOLF Enables eCounting to cut down the time from an idea to market dramatically
team provided a 4 day hands on training and guidance program to
eCounting business analysts where they shared knowledge, transferred
skills rapidly. eCounting only provided functional details and was not
involved in writing technical code. This is because WOLF Platform
automatically generates code based upon the Business Application
Design. Hence eCounting was able to cut down the time from an idea to
market dramatically and built the entire application in only 60 days
time. As a result eCounting was ready to go with the application’s Beta
version within a few months.

eCounting benefits from WOLF’s PaaS
Since the application, which is delivered from a highly secured browser based Cloud Computing Environment,
went live, eCounting has already acquired 20 plus customers. The
eCounting application enables the delivery of end-to-end web based
accounting solution for Chartered Accountants and Businesses. It
automates complete book keeping and financial reporting processes and
delivers the advantages of paperless account processing as an on-demand
service to their clients.

eCounting also got to own the IP
without spending any upfront capital expenses on software licensing or
paying for maintenance. Future technology enhancements and delivery is
taken care by WOLF PaaS and hence eCounting is in a better position to
focuss more on customer needs and feature enhancements.