Sabeer Bhatia unveils Jaxtr SIM for international travellers

by Sharon Lobo    Mar 21, 2013

Jaxtr SIM

At a launch event in Mumbai, Jaxtr Inc., founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Yogesh Patel, announced the launch of a cost-effective, user-friendly global SIM card for international travelers called Jaxtr SIM.

The Jaxtr SIM, which works with any mobile phone, is designed for travelers travelling to the United States, Canada, UK and Mexico or anywhere in Europe or Asia so they can make inexpensive local and international calls/SMS while using their own mobile phones.

“There are over a billion people travelling internationally every year across the globe. However, to date, they face the daunting challenge of communicating with their loved ones in a cost-effective manner while they are on the move. Jaxtr is a Global traveler’s carrier that works in over 200+ countries. With our SIM, you can stop worrying about high international roaming bills when traveling abroad as we offer the best local and international calling rates in the US, Europe and Latin America to make your international travel hassle-free,” said Sabeer Bhatia, CEO & Co-Founder, Jaxtr Inc. and Co-Founder of Hotmail.

Jaxtr SIM cards come with a simple registration and onboarding process and a transparent billing system that has absolutely no hidden fees. A single SIM can be used for voice, text and data. Usage can be tracked and monitored in real-time on Jaxtr’s website.

The company claims the usage rates to be simple and up to 85% less expensive than current options. In addition to calling, texting and browsing, advanced features such as voicemail, SMS forwarding and voicemail to email are included for no additional charge. Also, a single card can be used in multiple countries and multiple local numbers are provisioned automatically for each supported country. Jaxtr users can optionally maintain a permanent number in the country of their choice for a small monthly fee – starting as low as $1/month.