Sanovi DRM Now Comes with Web Services Kit

by CXOtoday Staff    Jan 14, 2010

Sanovi Technologies, a supplier of disaster recovery management (DRM) software, has introduced Web services for interfacing with its flagship product, Sanovi DRM.

Now with the Web services, IT managers will be able to keep tabs on DR issues without logging into the Sanovi console.

Real-time information like recovery point, recovery time, replication data lag and DR solution health are otherwise available via the Sanovi DRM Web-based interface. IT managers will be able to view the very same information through the Web services too. These metrics will be available via the Web services programming interfaces.

Sanovi said its Web services will make it easier interface with their DRM application and extract necessary information. This can be used to then build a single enterprise management console that is customised to meet the customer’s needs. "The web services API provides a very powerful, quick and easy way to integrate with Sanovi’s product," explained Chandrasekhar Pulamarasetti, CTO, Sanovi Technologies.

The Web services interface is also compatible with multiple platforms and consoles. Since the Web services interface is programmable, an IT manager can monitor select DR processes from a single window console. The Web services integration kit for Sanovi DRM is also available for the 3.1 release of the product.