SAP Launches Modular Business Suite

by Manu Sharma    Feb 19, 2009

In what the company described as the ‘biggest day in its history’, SAP unveiled Business Suite 7, a product suite the company claims would be able to help users optimise their businesses, stay competitive and reduce total cost of ownership. Companies supporting the product launch include IBM, Wipro, and Capgemini.

SAP’s Business Suite 7 carries a modular design so companies can pick and choose features. Typically, enterprise suites are an all-you-can-eat affair where you pay for everything from payroll to inventory to supply chain.

Business Suite 7 - which includes SAP ERP, CRM, Supply Relationship Management and Supply Chain Management - is now built around different industry "scenarios". "You can upgrade the packages individually, you don’t have to take everything," said Vinay Iyer, VP (solution marketing) of SAP CRM.

"In the present economic environment, Indian companies are striving to improve efficiencies across all areas of their businesses in order to remain highly competitive.  With the new SAP Business Suite 7, Indian companies are empowered to quickly embrace change in a step-wise manner and deploy only those solutions that matter most, while closely managing risks and costs," said Iyer.

The suite announcement also includes industry-specific software modules SAP is developing to help companies analyze a specific issue, such as the shopping experience in the retail industry, by viewing data across applications, or implement a business process across applications, such as collaborative engineering, in the manufacturing industry. This approach uses dashboard and other technologies incorporated from SAP’s Business Objects acquisition.

Business Suite 7 includes what SAP calls ‘value scenarios’, which provide 30 optimized business processes using a modular service oriented architecture covering areas such as "superior customer value" or "product and service leadership". The company aims to provide these value scenarios business processes to help businesses run better.

Ramakrishna Yarlapati, SVP of Business Suite Core Products, the SAP business unit that delivers enterprises applications like ERP, SRM, PLM, etc. said, "SAP Labs India has made significant contribution to the Business Suite 7 across the entire development value chain including product definition, development, quality assurance, and supporting early customer implementations."

In fact, SAP claims that a quarter of the software development happens at its Bangalore office and this happens across the entire spectrum.