SAP, MapmyIndia to standardize enterprise data

by CXOtoday News Desk    Oct 30, 2012

data consolidationSAP India recently partnered with MapmyIndia, a digital maps, navigation and location-based services firm to allow enterprises to cleanse, de-duplicate, standardize and consolidate data effectively.

MapmyIndia’s extensive address directory covers over 10 million addresses across 4000 cities and 600,000 villages, and it provides all addresses in India. The India Address Directory will empower the SAP Data Quality Solution to verify precision of data, profile, cleanse and standardize enabling enterprise customers to manage customer records effectively having a direct impact on business operations and profit improvements.

“MapmyIndia’s India address directory provides extensive address information for the entire country including major cities and remote villages,” said Rohan Verma, Director, MapmyIndia. According to him, MapmyIndia updates this directory every six months and will enable the SAP Data Quality Solution to refer to this updated, comprehensive information to cleanse, de-duplicate and standardize the addresses, thereby offering precise and current data to Indian customers.

NASSCOM forecasts that the big data business in India will be worth $1.2 billion within three years, a six-fold increase from current levels. As businesses confront the challenges of managing massive volumes of data in real-time, ensuring high quality information has emerged as one of the biggest inhibitors to providing trusted insights for effective business operations.

Additionally, with customer data captured from multiple sources like ERP, CRM and external sources, it is critical to have access to accurate and current customer data to realize enriched business processes at reduced costs. The challenge gets magnified in India where names and addresses are diverse and non-standardized, believes Verma.

“Industries like Retail, Manufacturing, Utilities and Financial Services, which thrive on address data, are constantly seeking standardized and managed customer records.” said, Maneesh Sharma, Head - Database & Technology, SAP India.

The SAP Data Quality Solution which now includes pan-India address coverage provided by MapmyIndia will enable enterprises across sectors to boost operational performance, cut costs and drive business growth, he said.