SAP Offers Enhanced Packages for Enterprise

by Muntazir Abbas    Jul 23, 2009

SAP has unveiled its enterprise strategy for Indian companies to achieve greater transparency, accountability and operational excellence. The company claims the new technologies and strategies will radically change the organizational operations in response to market fluctuations.

The companies can choose enhancement packages available with SAP that have self-contained innovation, said Sanjai K, VP (Suite Solution Management) at SAP Labs.

With a focus on its new offering - SRM 7.0 and SCM 7.0 - SAP is optimistic that these releases could derive competitive edge for the enterprise together with core SAP platform. Supply Chain Management (SCM) 7.0 is a network of interconnected businesses that facilitates the storage and work-in-process inventory.

SAP positions these new releases for the future growth strategies of the corporate sector. Presenting some of the user experiences, he said that SAP R/3 4.6C can be upgraded to SAP 6.0. With harmonized UI, common user experience, role-based analytics and simplification of processes can be achieved with a focus on transaction management. SAP NetWeaver brings the process into the user interface of choice, said Sanjai. 

SAP s enterprise services include approval, feedback review, headcount addition and creation of job requisition. In addition, it offers external services and applications, such as salary surveys and background checks, he said.

Among its business solutions and services include SAP ERP, enterprise service-oriented architecture, SAP BPO services, and hosting and on-demand solutions. Sanjai said that there are certain innovative business solutions available with SAP while some of them are under development.

SAP Business Suite focuses on sustainability performance management, IT infrastructure and green IT.

During the current business scenario, the enterprise needs to look, think and act clearly so as to thrive. SAP facilitates businesses with transparency to become best-run businesses, said Ranjan Das, MD, SAP India. With SAP services, the enterprise can align IT infrastructure and business strategies and get SAP software up and running at peak levels.