SAP Summit 07: Retail and SMB on The Radar

by Amit Tripathi    Jun 06, 2007

As the ERP major flaunted its 1000th customer in the summit, in the name of Subhiksha retail, SAP AG’s stress on the emerging Indian organized retail industry was apparent.

However Alan Sedghi, president and CEO (Indian Subcontinent) of SAP AG stressed on the growth in customer acquisition in India as he said, “Opportunities for Indian businesses today are boundless both globally and domestically.”

The company’s SMB focus in India seems to pay off with over 1000 small and midsize companies in India adopting SAP solutions. The company claims that in India, in 2007 alone, it has already won more than 400 Indian enterprises.

With a catchword for the summit as tacky as ‘responsiveness to change’, SAP spelt out the route it plans to take in India. It has brought in enhancements within its product such as ECS mandate, late payment charges, prompt payment incentive, security deposit, etc. for utilities segment. Also it has spelt out its certain public service specific features such as roster management for reservation candidates, employee self services for reimbursements, loans, TDS calculations, etc.

But, SAP has its task cut out as competition gains momentum. Almost all application providers are targeting the SMB segment. Besides, SAP has its rival Oracle to care for. If retail is a war of supply chains, then Oracle has already made its presence felt with its Siebel acquisition to smoothen the supply chain cycle.

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