Saregama Deploys mySAP Business Suite

by Rajendra Chaudhary    Sep 25, 2006

Music recording company, Saregama India Ltd has announced that it is deploying SAP’s mySAP business suite along with its intellectual property management (IPM) application to induce operational efficiency across organization and facilitate tracking of all its intellectual property (IP).

The RPG group company is keen on doing away with its existing legacy systems which were proving to be inadequate and impeding key business processes such as customer relationship management (CRM), inventory operations, finance and introducing an integrated end-to-end system to eliminate slow disparate, redundant systems.

SAP’s IPM capability is being adopted by Saregama to facilitate superior IP management with a need to manage and better capitalize on intellectual property such as patents and copyrighted materials.

“In addition to facilitating superior physical as well as non-physical IP management, the IPM capability will increase our financial returns on all our IP by letting appropriately leverage IP rights. It will also take care of issues such as royalty settlement and lower expenses related to contract administration and complaint management with rights holders,” said Amit Mukherji, CIO, Saregama.

“As we increasingly grow digital with our content and move towards the wireless form of delivering music and movies, we realized that we needed a solution that would pave the way for digital IPR management and SAP’s IPM perfectly fitted the bill,” told Mukherji.

Affecting the entire organization, the deployment will include 17 company locations with more than 100 users expected to use the system. While the company has chosen Siemens as the implementer, HP is supplying the necessary hardware infrastructure. The servers to be used are HP’s Itanium processor-based whereas database is from Oracle.

The company has already kicked-off the deployment and hopes to be done with it by April 2007. It is also training its in-house IT team that will take care of all the issues pertaining to the system once the implementation is over.