SAS Brings BI to IBM Mainframe

by CXOtoday Staff    Apr 12, 2007

SAS has incorporated its Enterprise Intelligence Platform which includes data integration, intelligence storage, business intelligence and analytics software with the IBM System z Mainframe. The mainframes are established critical components in an organization’s technology infrastructure, housing vast amounts of data allowing decision makers to gain historical hindsight and predict future outcomes.

“The BI market is growing, mainframes are established elements of a company’s technology foundation, and leveraging the two together just makes sense for long term success. Regardless of size, SAS and IBM have declared that they are in it for the long haul, enabling enterprises to perform sophisticated data analysis and other BI functions while protecting and leveraging their mainframe investments,” said Claudia Imhoff, President, Intelligent Solutions.

It also introduced a sub capacity pricing which is a pricing structure that reflects the industry’s movement towards server consolidation. It provides SAS mainframe customers with a cost effective way of adding new workloads and applications to the System z platform.

“With the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform running on IBM System z, enterprises can fully leverage their mainframes to be more agile and strategic with management decisions, and feel more confident with their overall information management strategy,” said Jim Davis, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, SAS.

As partners, SAS and IBM have worked to help customers gain the most value from their software and hardware offerings.