Scalability Is The Primary Focus for CIOs: Interview

by Swaminathan B    Apr 24, 2017


One of the key challenges in the digital era is ensuring scalability by choosing tools that support and sustain the business growth. In an exclusive interaction with CXOToday, Shibu Paul, Regional Sales Director - APAC at Array Networks explains how Array Networks is helping CIOs attain this growth and scalability with its solutions.

Paul informed that Array is innovatively moving away from a pure product vendor to a platform vendor. “We are one of the first players to move into Network Function platform with the launch of our AVX solution . Our powerful devices can host upto 32 tenants of different flavors including ADC, SSL VPN, WAF, DDoS, to name a few. Most of the solutions are from the best of breed OEM’s. It’s the only NFP which guarantees performance for each tenant,” he said. 

Paul added that some of Array’s AVX Series Network Functions Platform provides guaranteed performance for networking and security services running on virtual machines. According to him, the platform is ideal for businesses that need virtualization for management flexibility, and performance for maintaining SLAs while reducing requirements for rack space and power consumption.

Scalability counts

Despite having fantastic technology, some OEMs fail. When asked how the company assures good system and people to execute within its organization. Paul gave a prompt answer. ”Our philosophy is very clear , we will create solutions that are value for money and solid on performance , back it with a efficient local support mechanism . We are one of the few OEMs having local TAC, RMA and in house software development team to help Indian customers and channel partners,” he said.

Emphasizing on the scalability of its latest products, Paul said, “The whole idea of building a platform model is scalability . Customer can start as low as a simple Link load balancing solution and later scale up to multiple networks functions on the same device and pay as you grow.”

“We can scale upto 32 devices into a single AVX platform with guaranteed performance,” he added.

The SaaS model 

All Array solutions are available in a SaaS model, said Paul adding that “CIO’s could avail our solutions per day, per month or per annum basis. Currently our SaaS solutions are used mostly by service providers who in turn offers to end customers .

One of the key concepts of Array ADC is that of its high availability of network, applications, data centers to name a few. Paul informed, “All our solutions are built behind the themes of ‘availability, performance and security. LLB’s provide availability of WAN links, SLB ensures high availability of applications, middleware while GSLB provides high availability to data centers.

Another aspect is the level of attention the security service provider gives to its clients. Paul mentioned, “Most of our solutions are home grown and does not use very proprietary features that are highly secure and not available in public domain . Hence we are one of the few vendors not affected by recent attacks like heartbleed etc . Most of our products like Access gateways rely on our superior SSL encryption technology,” he summed up.