SCO-DataVision Brings Centralized CBS

by Sohini Bagchi    Jun 30, 2006

As banks move from branch automation to centralized core banking, IT vendors are gearing up to bring core banking solutions (CBS) to meet their needs. Recently, a leading provider of UNIX software technology, SCO Group, has tied up with DataVision Software Solutions, a developer in banking application and a wing of NextStep Infotech, to provide an integrated CBS to the BRIC market (Brazil, Russia, India and China).

Sanjay Gupta, Country Manager, SCO Group discussed the nature of partnership and how the new solution can benefit Indian banking industry.

Gupta informed that the DataVision and SCO are collaborating to provide banks with a proven, reliable, and cost-effective solution stack for their banking branches. The Core Banking Solution Stack will include DataVision’s DataMate solution running on SCO UNIX.

About SCO’s partnership with DataVision, he said that DataMate - the centralized core banking software solution, has already proven flexibility to scale up from branch banking to the core. NextStep Infotech is a very popular brand in Indian banking circles, including Dena Bank, UCO Bank etc.

“We were particularly interested to enter the Indian banking sector, which is a hot sector at present. Indian banking sector has undergone substantial changes in recent years due to computerization and other technological advancements,” he observed.

About competition from other vendors, Gupta said, “The partnership is unique in many ways. First, we are particularly targeting the co-operative banks in the semi-urban and rural areas, which are left much unexplored. Secondly, our study shows that price still remains a concern in this segment when it comes to adopting new technologies, so we are providing the solution at a very levelheaded price, which will be two digits less than the usual rate in the market. DataVision also runs on other platform including Linux and NT. The prices of the solution are highly competitive, even when compared to Linux.”

“We also have a 100% anti-virus free platform and simplified technology to suit the need of cooperative banks,” he said.

“Furthermore SCO already has a large installed base of customers in the banking and finance sectors, particularly in Russia, India and China and. DataVision, a leading developer of banking applications based in India, shares many of the same customers,” he added.

Gupta said, “The cooperative effort will bring DataMate solution to the proven SCO OpenServer 6 platform to support a seamless migration from branch automation to core banking specially in the rural areas in India.”

“Our CBS solution would enable the introduction of multiple delivery channels such as Internet banking, mobile banking, tele-banking and ATM banking. Migration of customers to delivery channels, multi-product delivery and cross-selling using CRM tools will all be included in the solution,” he added.

The companies are working towards roping customs in India, creating awareness to the clients and partnering with OEM vendors for bringing the server and applications in one box to avoid hassles in deployment. The solution will be available in October this year.