Scratch Free CDs Finally!

by CXOtoday Staff    Aug 27, 2004

d_skin has developed protective disc skins, a product that offers complete disc protection, keeping DVDs and CDs free from getting scratched — a problem that often results in data loss due to skipping.

d_skin’s protective disc skins are optically clear protective covers that act as a skin for discs, guarding against scratches. The liplock seal snaps onto the edge of any standard-size disc and holds the protective “skin” tight. The skin’s ability to eliminate scratches extends disc life, which helps reduce the high cost of replacing damaged CDs, DVDs and video games.

The most important feature of the skin is that it can stay on the disc while playing movies, music, data CDs or video games as well as while burning data onto blank discs.

Once discs have the skin on, there’s no need to store them in bulky jewel cases, CD catalogs and CD sleeves. If the d_skin disc protector gets scratched, it can be replaced by a new one.

Tags: CDs, multimedia