Secure Your Ride Home!

by Sohini Bagchi    Jan 13, 2006

The gruesome murder of Pratibha Murthy, an employee of HP Global Delivery India Centre in Bangalore last month, just serves to underline the crucial role of security in the BPO circle. Keeping this in mind, security vendors are also coming up with technical measures that address the safety and security issues of BPO employees.

Recently, a Bangalore-based end-to-end solutions company - Proficio GeoTechnology came up with an innovative product called PRO-TMS.

In an exclusive chat, Proficio’s VP - technical, Murali M S spoke to CXOtoday and explained how the solution integrates various technologies such as GIS-GPS-SMS to provide an end-to-end security to the BPO employee.

On the working of the technology, he said, “The PRO-TMS has been designed such that it tracks and monitors vehicle movement using GIS and GPS technologies. With its system automated SMS reaching the pickup individual confidentially and the back up system ensuring a high fill-factor, security of the employees is well in place.”

He further informed, “The specialized internet/ intranet based route optimization software enables the facility manager to generate a trip report, which is provided to the drivers for execution. A system automated SMS is then sent to each pickup employee providing the information of driver name and contact number, vehicle number and time of pickup. As the solution reads and sends the data for each individual, foolproof security to the BPO employee is provided.”

On the benefits of this tracking device, Murali stated that currently transportation planning takes about 18 man-hours for a team of 8-10 logistic planners. With the GIS-GPS-SMS system in place, the entire operation of Transport Management gets whittled down to about 75 minutes - saving about 12 to 15 hours on a day-to-day basis for every team.

Also, with improved information visibility, the automated system also ensures quick and accurate data and report for management review and discussion to help make key security decisions.

Further, the device is designed in such a way that the driver cannot tamper with the main unit, since the other button would be at the passenger side of the vehicle.

“In times of danger, one just needs to push a button to stop the car. The device also sends an SMS and makes a call to the company and the nearest police station describing the exact location of the vehicle,” he said.

The solution also addresses another key call center transportation concern - getting optimal use of their vehicle by ensuring optimally designed routes, minimum travel time for the employee, and maximum fill-factor for vehicles.

Other benefits improve reduction of paperwork and enhanced management and storability of information that in turn would help companies to retrieve and analyze the cost implications of employee transportation better.

“The solution will reduce the number of complaints by adhering to the maximum travel time set by the logistic manager and quickly redesigns the route as per request. It can handle as many as 40,000 employees in an organization and comes as a boon to all those industries that employ women in night shifts,” said Murali.