How Cloud, BYOD Are Changing Cybersecurity Concerns

by CXOtoday News Desk    May 15, 2015

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The security landscape is changing “dramatically”, which calls for new tactics, Geir Ramleth, chief strategy officer at Citrix, said at the vendor’s Synergy conference in Orlando, highlighting that the introduction of datacenters, cloud and BYOD are currently changing security concerns, and now it is not just a technical issue.

“We have this new world where this is no longer a technical problem; it is actually a business problem,” he said. “It’s a huge business problem, and we have to deal with it differently. The thing is there’s no one solution. We have started getting a whole bunch of new complexities. When that changes you have to change the model of how you deal with it. It is no longer just a single issue. You have to change the governances and start changing your architecture. And that is not only your technical architecture, it is business architecture too.”

Cyber security now means planning for dealing with an attack, not just preventing it, Ramleth said. This also means handling policy and behavior in new ways, he added. For example, companies need to take a more holistic approach to security than just MDM, says the Citrix boss, who bellieves mobile device management (MDM) and endpoint security are no longer enough to a secure workplace IT, Citrix has claimed.

“I have to secure the network very differently than we had before,” he explained. “What I also want to do is keep the data back where I can control the data - in the datacenters. So we need virtualization. Then, if we did need to transport it out into other devices, we want to containerize it. So now we need different forms of security models to deal with that.”

He points out thr three ways to approach the problem of the changing threat and security landscape: focusing on data rather than devices, using a multi-faceted approach to security, and virtualization.

Detection and visibility are also key, according to Ramleth. “While detection is the one you really have to think about, and that is, ‘I need this visibility into not only what’s going on around the perimeter, but into what people do within’. You want to understand the data and the people’s behavior,” he said.