Security Solutions to Tackle Enterprise Threats

by CXOtoday Staff    May 23, 2007

With security concerns on the rise, McAfee has enhanced its security risk management portfolio with new versions of risk and compliance solutions that include McAfee Foundation 6.0, Remediation Manager 4.5, Policy Auditor 4.5, IntruShield 10 Gigabit Ethernet platforms, and McAfee IntruShield 4.1.

According to the communiqu released by the company, McAfee Foundstone offers tools to find and evaluate assets for vulnerabilities and compliance with IT security policies. It features reporting, enabling companies to create highly customizable results for security experts or business managers.

Remediation Manger 4.5 enables automated remediation of vulnerabilities and correction of policy violations. The new version features integration with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) and McAfee Network Access Control (NAC), enabling Remediation Manager to import asset information from ePO.

Policy Auditor 4.5 delivers automated policy audit of managed assets, increases efficiency, and reduces uncertainty. This increases ROI because companies can deploy it through McAfee ePO. It also features expanded support for industry standards and regulations such as ISO 27001 and PCI.

IntruShield 10 Gigabit Ethernet platforms, the network Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) appliances will deliver performance of up to 10 Gbps and gigabit port-density. McAfee’s Foundstone provides timely risk intelligence for McAfee’s IntruShield network intrusion prevention solution, enabling network security experts to focus on critical attacks.

McAfee IntruShield 4.1 goes beyond IPS by delivering network and system integration and collaboration. This is part of McAfee’s Security Risk Management (SRM) strategy, which combines threat protection with risk and compliance management to deliver security solutions.

IntruShield 4.1 offers integration with other products in McAfee’s security risk management portfolio, including McAfee Foundstone, McAfee Network Access Control (NAC) and McAfee ePO.

Features of the new IntruShield 10GigE appliances and IntruShield 4.1 include multi-gigabit performance and protection for 10GigE and IPv6 networks. Enhanced integration with McAfee ePO allows real-time visibility of host details, host IPS attacks, and spyware events, all with a simple right click. McAfee ePO combines with IntruShield’s behavior-based host quarantine and adaptive rate limiting/QoS to significantly increase time-to-protection.

Also, integration with McAfee Foundstone provides ’scan now’ functionality giving real-time threat relevance and vulnerability details, on-demand. This combines with IntruShield’s integrated behavior-driven Network Access Control and dynamic post-admission control to deliver faster time-to-confidence.

McAfee Foundstone 6.0, Remediation Manager 4.5, and Policy Auditor are available now.

McAfee IntruShield 4.1 will be available in May 2007.

The McAfee IntruShield 10 Gigabit Ethernet platforms will be available in the second half of 2007.