Service Automation: Key To Enhance User Experience


Managing growth and taking cost out at the same time is a requirement for digital business, but it’s not easy for IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders to achieve. In the IT world, service automation is one the most important requirements today.  And improving user experience ranks as important as its tangible business impact.

Until now automation has been deterministic, where discrete manual steps or processes were automated to lower costs and improve quality of service. While this approach has provided incremental benefits, it doesn’t handle massive scale or dramatically reduce costs.

Cloud computing and DevOps are accelerating the evolution of automated service management, with service management itself evolving to adapt to automation.

Even the smallest of features could turn out to mean a whole lot of things. Especially when it means ease of use and enhanced efficiency

Eliminating Human Errors

Repetitive operations that tend to be monotonous can increase possibilities of human error. Even where human involvement is needed for high intelligence touch points, fatigue tends to set in in repetitive activities. While checklists could keep individuals focused on the tasks, errors cannot be completely eliminated. Error is a natural and inevitable result of this variability

As technology improves and efficient and highly productive output becomes an absolute necessity for financial survival, we may be more inclined to use automated control systems. Using service automation to eliminate such monotony (and human errors) will significantly enhance the IT operations process and experience.

Process Efficiencies

Auto-remediation is a great example of process efficiency. For the numerous workflow operations that are evaluated for conditional checks and balances, a well-written and verified script can process the workflow in multiple levels without waiting for a stage-wise human intervention. This will raise productivity to higher levels.

Resource fulfillment is another area of workflow process efficiency where services are fulfilled automatically and smoothly executed without any intermediate pitfalls. With users being created automatically by training the system, enterprises can expect faster execution, reduced SLAs and better efficiencies.

Auto-Provisioning of additional datacenter resources like compute resources/ memory etc during Peak loads for the production servers would be an another important area for automation.

For preventive maintenance activities, common standard tasks can be trained for automation - for example, moving and archiving of log files, Dropping and creating of Indexes, check-pointing of databases, clearing temporary files in storage etc.

Users equal customers

If users are to be treated like customers, service automation needs to go beyond problem and incident management. A good and modern service automation platform and systems can increase efficiency and user experience without the wasteful time and effort of opening additional dashboards or dialogs.

An understanding of the end user’s IT experience to plot the path to service desk automation helps.

Benefits Unlimited

Intelligent service automation achieves total user experience excellence. It helps users focus on value-adding tasks. Transparency becomes an acknowledged reality and this adds further to the quality of user experience. For the organization, the business benefits translate to reduced costs, higher productivity and efficiency, and efficient control over IT spend.

The road to success is however challenging. An expert partner who has proven experience and success in improving efficiency, productivity, predictability and control through an end-to-end suite of products and solutions may just be the cost optimal answer. The result will be future-proofed and intelligent operations that reduce cost and complexity while enhancing user satisfaction.

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