ITSM Is Key To Digital Transformation

by Swaminathan B    May 17, 2017


Any enterprise needs to move faster, but lack of process and legacy tools holds them back. Every day, thousands of customer requests, IT incidents, and HR cases follow their own paths—moving back and forth between people, machines and departments. Unstructured. Undocumented. Unimproved for years. US-based cloud and IT service management [ITSM] company, ServiceNow, with its India office in Bengaluru, claims that with its innovative solution, businesses can replace these unstructured work patterns of the past with intelligent workflows of the future. In other word, every employee, customer and machine can make requests on a single cloud platform.

“Every department working on these requests can assign and prioritize, collaborate, get down to root cause issues, gain real-time insights and drive to action. In the everything-as-a-service setting, your employees are energized, your service levels improve and you realize game-changing economics,” states Venugopal S Arcot, Head- Solution Consulting-India, ServiceNow. In an exclusve conversation with CXOToday, Arcot explains why ITSM is key to digital transformation, the USP of the company’s offerings and its plans for the Indian market. Excerpt.

- CXO Today: What are your plans in India for addressing larger corporate and SMB market?

Arcot: India is one of the fastet growing market across sectors , Telecom, Banking and Finance, Manufactiring , Autombile, Pharma & Healthcare , IT, ITES etc. ServiceNow is platform that caters to all sectors fulfilling its needs of IT and including IT Security, Customer Service Management, HR, Facilites Management and more. ServiceNow has its market focus on both Enterprise and Commercial (SMB) solutions addressing these sectors. The Now Platform delivers a system of action for the enterprise.  Using a single data model, it’s east to create contextual workflows and automate any business process across any industry.

 - CXO Today: Being a leading player in ITSM space what are your plans to keep their momentum up?

Arcot: As per the latest Garter report 2016, ServiceNow has 43% market share in the ITSM space and we plan to continue this type of growth. Our strength comes from the robust platform that offers a whole new dimension to how we cater to the market needs.  With ServiceNow’s end-to-end transformation capabilities IT can increase agility and lower costs by consolidating legacy tools into a modern, easy-to-use service management platform.  We see this as a key to continuing our success in the ITSM space.

We see ITSM from a top down perspecttives with its strength in its CMDB built on the same platform providing a seemless experience of Service Catalog, Service Management, Event Management, Service Mapping, Cloud lifecycle Mgmt etc . There is no broken thread in these interactions.  

We see the end-to-end transformation driving through five areas:

i.  Delivering IT service management on a single, cloud-based platformii.  Elliminating service outages by proactively identifying service issues, pinpointing disruptions, and automating remediation

iii. Gaining cloud service oversight, minimizing risks, and reducing costs – simplified through self-service

iv. Acquiring a competitive portfolio and visibility to align bettere with the business, and accelerate service delivery

v. Prioritizing resources, improving decision making and validating investments for the IT organization

- CXO Today: Devops seems to be the flavor of the season. Will the servicenow platform shift toward it?

Arcot: DevOps has gained traction across most enterprises, even though only 21% have a company-wide DevOps push. Our research shows that use of right DevOps results in 22% less time spent on unplanned work, 24x fast recovery from failure, 3x lower change failure and 2000x shorter lead times for top performers (hours vs months). ServiceNow is investing in offering DEV-OPS solution on its platform and its strength in ease of integrations with common solution deployed for development and operations management.   We see this manifesting into two areas - eliminating service outages by mapping business services to infrastructure, giving visibility into business service health and managing cloud sprawl by easily letting users request cloud services and allowing the IT department to take control of the cloud resources within the organization.

- CXO Today: How do you think Machine learning can impact the ITSM space. What key benefits are they seeing in this space?

Arcot: Machine learning is a reality and we will come hear more about it as we move forward and orgazaton become ready to adopt this technology.  ServiceNow is already working some of the fututistic companies and enabling embrace the tehnology , some of the key use cases are Automated task routing or logging, Corelation through dynamic threshold , anomaly detection, predictive service outage and suprivsed learning thru advanced statistics based alorithms and advanced serach options making information availability more simpler

- CXO Today: What are the marketing activities you are planning in the Indian market?

Arcot: ServiceNow has invested successfully in Customer Service Management events and CIO Events. We have also partnered for Gartner Events. As we move forward, we will continue to study the market and invest in areas where it its Customers in their transformation programs.

- CXO Today: Are you 100% direct or you have a channel focus? If yes, please tell us about your channel plans.

Arcot: We have a strong partner model and majority of the business are driven through channel partners. We have built an eco system, that has dedicated focus and measured on quantifiable outcomes from channel partners. We would like our partners to be part of the Win-Win approach to drive success for our Customers. Customer success is the primary driver for ServiceNow and we thrive to make our partner ecosystem strong to support our growing customer base.