Seven Must-Do’s On Data Privacy Day

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jan 28, 2014


An international effort to empower and educate people to protect their privacy and control their digital footprint, the Data Privacy Day on January 28th has been perfectly timed this year. The recent massive data breaches have only heightened the need to create more digital awareness. ‘Data Privacy Day’ calls upon all corporations, organizations, governments and individuals to participate by respecting privacy and making the protection of privacy and data a priority.

Here are some Must-do’s for enterprises on this Privacy Day:

Delete what you don’t need: When you no longer want your data to be processed and there are no legitimate grounds for retaining it, the data should be deleted.

Dedicated data security personnel: The task of data protection needs security specialists, and needn’t be left to isolated business functions or IT officers, particularly for large companies.

Impact assessment: It is critical to assess the criticality of your data and provide adequate protection based on its sensitivity and vulnerability.

Isolate sensitive data. Once you have identified your critical data, you may want to store it offline rather than on a wireless networks that could be hacked into.

Use encryption and passwords: Use these judiciously, especially while exchanging information between two or more data sources.

Update anti-virus software regularly: Most virus attacks and breaches can be avoided if you regularly update your anti-virus software.

Security best practices and user regulations: Follow the industry best practices for protecting different kind of vulnerabilities and risks. Employees should be made aware of the importance of protecting critical data and client information. Such information should not be casually exchanged even in internal conversations unless it is relevant for the business.