SHAREit Crosses 1 Bn Users; Bullish On India Market

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jul 20, 2017


Cross platform sharing mobile app SHAREit, has crossed 1 billion users worldwide within five years, according to a company statement, which added that with 20 percent of its global users from the country, India is a key market and focus area for SHAREit’s global expansion plans.

As much as 80 percent of the data shared between mobile devices in India is transmitted through SHAREit. Since the availability of the app in 2013, SHAREit has made adequate endeavours in improving its user experience that led to this significant achievement in the country.

“We are delighted with the overwhelming response we have been receiving for SHAREit across India, China and other global markets. SHAREit is planning to invest more in the development strategy for the Indian market to get a better understanding of the needs of the local customers,” said Yan Fei, CEO - SHAREit. 

To date, SHAREit, having operated in the market for five years, has attracted over 70 percent of India’s smartphone users with the rapid iteration of products and continually improving service experience. According to the 2017 Internet Trends Report recently released by renowned Internet industry watcher Mary Meeker, SHAREit has become one of the top three Internet apps in terms of download volumes from India in the Google Play app market, surpassing Facebook.

“There’s no need to pay a premium for cloud-storage just to get a video off your phone, or to move your photos to your external hard drive. Even better, the file transfer speeds reach up to 40 times that of Bluetooth transfer, letting you instantly swap your content from the phone where you recorded it to your computer for editing, sharing, or more permanent storage.” That was the drive for businesses and end users to use the app.

With India still at an early stage of transformation when it comes to online, the company deployed their breakthrough Hotspot DirectAccess technology to solve the issues associated with slow internet speeds as a result of the lack of infrastructure. The technology allows high speed sharing despite the absence of a suitable internet connection, significantly increasing the rate at which music, video, and other types of files are being shared between different users.

According to a senior company spokesperson, Content sharing communities based on SHAREit can be easily found in Mumbai, Bangalore and other cities with large populations, especially among college students. In the last two years, popular “SHAREit on campus” events have further enhanced the relationship between college students and SHAREit. In addition, SHAREit has also become one of the most important channels through which users receive their daily news and information, even in small and medium-sized cities with underdeveloped internet connections.

Earlier this year, SHAREit had introduced four new interesting features to the app such as SHAREit Vault, CLONEit, Webshare, and an integrated music player, designed essentially for the Indian consumers. With the growing popularity of the app across the country, SHAREit is planning to create a version of the app in Hindi to reach to a larger audience based in tier 2, tier 3 and rural areas who may have less access or no access to the internet. 

The company said that from appearing on Google Play’s homepage over 700 times and claiming the number one spot on Google Play’s tools app chart in over 30 countries, SHAREit is providing hundreds of millions of users with the best possible content sharing experience, regardless of internet connection speeds, the sharing app is transforming the social landscape and changed the world through sharing, with a keen eye on Indian market.