Sify to Set Up Two More Tier III Datacentres

by Manu Sharma    Jul 29, 2009

Sify Technologies will set up two more Tier III or Level III standard datacentres in Noida and Bangalore.

The company already has several datacentres spread across Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and the new ones will also follow the same standards across India.

Sify intends to double its datacentre space in India to around 4 lakh square feet, from the present 2 lakh square feet. It proposes to invest about Rs 300 crore to increase the datacenter capabilities in India. The datacentres will remain in the Tier III category and not Tier IV as preferred by most companies.

Talking to CXOtoday, Nagendran S, national head (Corporate Accounts Enterprise Solutions) of Sify Technologies, said, The only problem with most datacentres in India is that, since they have only one source of power and don t get power from two independent companies, they are categorized as Tier III datacentres.

As per the industry standards, Tier IV datacenters with their 99.995% availability provide the highest levels of performance for mission-critical IT systems, but only a couple of datacenters in India seem to have earned that distinction.

However, Nagendran said, All our datacentres meet the standards for the Tier IV datacentres. In fact, we offer customers redundancy of 99.995%, which is mandatory for all banks and financial institutions,

Regarding the new datacentres, he said it be will from ground up and will have it built depending on the market requirement.

Sify claims to have over 400 corporate customers who have hosted their services on their datacentres. Some of the corporate include Vodafone, and AT&T. All our corporate clients sign a multi-year contract with us, he said.

The company provides independent services to its clients and the services range from level 1 support, management security services, management storage services, among others.

Tier Classification

Tier I - one single path for power and cooling without redundant components and provides 99.671% availability.

Tier II - one single path for power and cooling with redundant components and provides 99.741% availability.

Tier III - multiple active power and cooling, but has only one active path redundant components and concurrently maintainable and provides 99.982% availability.

Tier IV - multiple active power and cooling, redundant components, fault tolerant, and provide 99.995% availability.

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