Optimizing your server & storage infrastructure

by Sharon Lobo    Nov 01, 2010

CXOtoday IBM eventThe way in which, organizations transact in the global economy rapidly, needs to adapt to various circumstances that arise on a daily basis. In such a scenario, technology ensures that these changes are captured and incorporated for business to continue at a normal pace. However, in this era when demands for specific workloads are increasing, a single approach to systems can not satisfy growing demands.

In a bid to enable IT decision makers to not only discover an intelligent way to computing but also to learn about optimized, integrated and proven systems for their business, CXOtoday and IBM (NYSE:IBM) held an event titled “Intelligent Systems” in Mumbai.

The event, which had an overwhelming response, was attended largely by IT decision makers from the mid-market companies. At this event, two domain experts from IBM, shared their thoughts on IBM’s product lines, which can provide businesses with an optimized server and storage infrastructure.

The event began with a keynote from Dolphy Dias, territory manager for IBM India. Dias explained how IBM as a company has always stressed on the importance of R&D to bring out innovative products for businesses. Dias’ keynote was followed by a short video on the history of IBM, which highlighted the various milestones of the company.

Dolphy Dias
Dolphy Dias, Territory manager, IBM India, delivering the keynote

Post the video, Manpreet Chawla, business manager for System x at IBM India gave the first presentation for the evening. The topic of the presentation was “Grow and optimize with System x and BladeCentre”, where Chawla explained the features and benefits of IBM eX5 systems. Post his presentation, a number of members from the audience had queries regarding eX5 systems, which Chawla eagerly answered.

Manpreet Chawla
Manpreet Chawla, Business Manager - System x, IBM India, explaining the features and benefits of IBM eX5 systems

The second speaker for the evening was Vishwanath Srinivas, Business Manager-Enterpise Sales (FSS & Comm), IBM India. Srinivas touched upon the topic “System Storage & Storage Management”, where he explained how duplicate data takes up precious storage space and how these can be avoided. He also showcased storage solutions that can enable businesses to optimize their storage.

Vishwanath Srinivas
Vishwanath Srinivas, Business Manager-Enterpise Sales (FSS & Comm), IBM India, explaining how data duplication can be prevented.

Post the presentations, Dias delivered the vote of thanks, where he appreciated active participation of the attendees.