SLYNUX Can Now Be Downloaded!

by Julia Fernandes    Jun 15, 2005

Last month CXOtoday carried the breaking story of grit and determination of Kerala-based, 15-year old Sarath Lakshman who overcoming all odds developed SLYNUX- a highly user-friendly GNU/Linux operating system designed for beginners.

For those interested in trying this distro, SLYNUX is now available for download.

For all those who came in late, SLYNUX is a live Linux distribution, which includes content of about 2GB made available by using transparent compression. This is a debian based GNU/Linux developed from Knoppix (credit of most features of this Distro goes to knoppix). 256 MB Ram is recommended to run SLYNUX Live CD for good performance.

The desktop of this operating system is arranged so as to make it friendly to the user. It comes with a wide range of application programs, which are pre-installed. It can be run completely from CD without installation with options of installing a hard disk.

Speaking about the response he received from the story, Lakshman puts in his own words, “CXOtoday really opened up the world for me! I got tremendous responses from different countries. As a matter of fact the Web space is sponsored by a person from US who did so after reading the story on CXOtoday.”

However, his cup of woes has still not ended. According to Lakshman, his current Web space sponsor has refused to host the SLYNUX.ISO file. So, the teenager is hunting for some Web space.

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