Smart apps enabling customized job search

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jul 18, 2013

Job Search app

In the current economy environment, finding the right job is nothing short of a Holy Grail quest. Previously, we had shown how leveraging social media the right way can help you in your hunt for the right job. However, the solution to this might be literally closer than you think; in fact it’s in your pocket, your smartphone.

Today there are a range of smartphone and web apps, which are designed to customize employment searches and even provide information on the competition. Apart from the usual key word job search apps from Naukri and Monster, there are other bunch of innovative apps such as TwitJobSearch and TweetMyJobs, which can scavenge through Twitter for job opportunities and send job alerts through the social network.

For iPhone users there is yet another innovative app called TheLadders, which can sends a list of job opportunities to users based on their employment profile and career goals. The app uses algorithms to pick out the 50 best jobs for a user based on location, current title, preferences, seniority, areas of expertise, industry and salary goals.

It not only unique algorithms, but app developers are also leveraging augmented reality to make job search more easier. For instance, Nokia recently unveiled a Windows Phone-based job app called JobLens, which uses augmented reality to overlay information on the real world when viewed through the device’s camera, thereby showing users job openings in their neighborhoods.

The JobLens app aggregates job postings from popular job search sites including LinkedIn. It also connects with social networks to display any personal connections to the company.  As most of us spend the better part of the day performing a number of tasks on our smartphones, so while you are it, you could also try some of these apps and can lead you to your dream job.