Smart Computing to Drive IT Growth

by CXOtoday Staff    Jun 24, 2009

The information technology (IT) industry will see a new period of rapid growth in investment, driven primarily by new smart computing technology.

According to Forrester Research’s IT 2009-2016 Long-Term Forecast, current IT vendors IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft are best positioned to win in next-gen technology, while GE and Semens will emerge as bigger factors.

Other highlights

Old technology will continue to be in demand, but purchases will grow at trend rate.
Smart computing solutions will address critical business issues.
Sales directly to business - not to IT.
Investment in new technology driven by strategic rationales, not cost/benefit calculations, with multimillion-dollar deals.
Highly vertical solutions will capture more of the growth, although not the largest share of sales.
Asset-intensive industries like government, healthcare, utilities, education, and professional services will be the biggest buyers.

Forrester describes smart computing as flexible, adaptable, responsive, and extended IT systems that incorporate awareness (location, status, condition) and analytics to make IT more intelligent to solve new business problems.

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