Smart Guard targets SMEs with new surveillance technology

by CXOtoday Staff    Aug 17, 2010

Smart Guard Systems (SGS) has launched a new surveillance solution especially designed for IP surveillance market in Surat. The solution enables the users to go for complete IP-based surveillance solutions and also migration from existing analogue systems to IP surveillance.

It does this by using encoders which transform passive analog systems into proactive IP surveillance. Targeting the jewellery, textile, and SME sector in Surat, Smart Guard says its solution will bring to them the advantages and applications of IP surveillance - superior image quality, scalability and flexibility, etc. Further, IP surveillance has easy & future-proof integration and has options of embedded Analytics & intelligence.

Smart Guard has also unveiled a range of IP solutions as well as encoders for migration from analog to IP surveillance systems. The encoder enables the user to migrate from existing analogue system to IP-based system, at the same time allowing him to add new IP cameras as part of expansion, thus creating a hybrid system consisting of existing analogue system and new IP cameras.

By 2013, the IP surveillance is expected to overtake analog systems in India and Smart Guard intends to use this opportunity to entrench itself in the marekt.

“The Indian surveillance market is nascent and estimated at about Rs. 800 cores. The IP surveillance market is currently at 10% of the total market but growing at a CAGR of 50%. It is estimated to reach over Rs. 400 crore in the next five years. We expect a year on year growth of 50% and are aiming at a 10-15% market share in the initial years,” said Gurudas Parwani, president - SGS