Smarter Workspace, Key To Success In The Digital Era: IDC

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jun 22, 2017

digital transformation

As the disruptive impact of digital transformation continues to be felt across organizations and industries, a new report from IDC says that the days of looking at the workspace as a physical environment are over. The study, entitled “Workspace Transformation: The Key to Tomorrow’s Digital Enterprise,” suggests that success lies in the effective implementation of a digital workplace strategy capable of driving true cultural change that accelerates business.

“Can business leaders, CIOs, and IT leaders today claim to have enabled truly digital workspaces – where employees and the overall ecosystem can share knowledge and forge more productive business relationships beyond natural work groups? The answer more often than not will be “No.” Should they be worried? The answer is a resounding “Yes.” The Digital Workspace is no longer an option – it is an imperative,” said Arjun Vishwanathan, Associate Director – Emerging Technologies, IDC India.

According to Vishwanathan, smarter workspaces don’t just create happier employees – they also help in creating newer and authentic relationships with customers and the ecosystem as a whole. “Although newer technologies and increased training are the standard go-to models, it is becoming clear that perhaps the most effective strategy is in creating an enhanced and adaptive workspace through improving the workspace itself,” Vishwanathan comments.

The study indicates that digital transformation efforts are going to continue to dramatically change the workspace landscape – particularly at the edge. An explosion of new device types and applications are being fueled by trends such as Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality or virtual reality (AR/VR), and cognitive computing.

“The ability of our Workspaces for Tomorrow solution to support a variety of services, including advisory and management and to be an all-around partner in progress is symbolized by the tangible business value on offer. That includes cost savings, business and operational efficiencies, security, and enhanced user experience and satisfaction,” said Kiran Bhagwanani, CEO, Dimension Data India.

“When viewed from the perspective of an organisation that is traversing its own digital transformation journey, these attributes have the potential to deliver seamless transformation and outcomes that are predictable, and place the enterprise on a forward- looking growth trajectory,” said Bhagwanani.