'SMBs are More Vulnerable to Malware Threats'

by Sharon Lobo    Oct 15, 2009

Could you give us an overview of ESET’s operations in India?

ESET has been present in India since 2004. Initially, we worked directly with some resellers. However, last year we appointed ESS Software Distribution & Consulting Private Limited, a locally incorporated company, as our
exclusive distributor in India. ESS is responsible to appoint resellers, introduce them to the company’s partner programs, train them and distribute the products through them. We have two types of resellers, one targets corporates, educational institutions, etc, while the other focuses on the retail market.

How are NOD32 products geared to combat the emerging malware threats?
Every antivirus needs to be updated frequently with the latest virus signatures so that it can detect and eliminate new malware. However, as there are hundreds of viruses released everyday, it becomes virtually impossible for the any antivirus vendor to immediately release new virus signatures to tackle the menace. Therefore it is necessary that till the latest virus signatures are made available the antivirus should detect and quarantine a potential malware. In such a case, ESET NOD32 has the best detection rate for new malware threats due to its ThreatSense technology. As a result, NOD32 has been awarded the maximum number of awards from Virus Bulletin 100, an independent body which periodically tests a number of antivirus products.

Not everyone in India are aware of NOD32 antivirus, how do you plan to promote your products in the country?
Our products are popular in the corporate space; some of our customers even include government organisations such as BARC, DRDO, BHU, Indian Army, etc. However, to promote our products in the consumer space, our partner ESS has some marketing plans and strategies in place. Currently, we are organising a lot of roadshows to educate our resellers about the features and benefits of our products. Additionally, we also have an online training session for our channel partners so that they are aware of the benefits of our products. These include usage of very less system resources and the smallest footprint (application size), which is just 32 MB. All this information is, in turn, passed on by our resellers to our customers.

As mentioned, NOD32 is popular among corporates. Could you tell which industry vertical is likely to boost ESET’s growth in India?
Regardless of the business, every organisation needs to protect its data. Most SMBs do not have a strong IT infrastructure, which make them more vulnerable to malware threats. Therefore we see a lot of demand for our product in the SMB space. In terms of industry vertical, we see a lot a business coming from BPOs, KPOs and the education sector.

The growth of Smartphone users in India is growing exponentially; do you have any products in the handheld space?
We have a product for Windows Mobile Smartphones, however, this product is not commercially available in India. We plan to launch this product in India within the next six months. Also, in future we might have a product for Symbian Smartphones.

What is the basic difference between NOD32 Home Edition and Business Edition?
NOD32 Business Edition has a management console which can be used for remote administration by IT administrators. This console enables IT administrators to configure the policies for different employees, update the antivirus, generate reports on the types of malware that were found on the network etc.

Does NOD32 have any compatibility issues when used with another company’s security product?
NOD32 does not create any issues if used along with security product of any other company.

How do you tackle the software piracy issue?
Firstly, our products are competitively priced, we offer a three-user license with every NOD32 antivirus package. In case if we find any license key is being misused, we change the username and password of the software and mail the new username and password to the person to whom the original license key is registered to.