Snapchat May Step Into AR Witth New Headset

by CXOtoday News Desk    Sep 07, 2016


As the world of technology turns to software from the hardware focused times, one company is actually going the other way round. Photo sharing app, Snapchat could well be on the way to step into the realm of Augmented Reality (AR), with a planned headset, which could well be on the lines of Google Glass. To take this initiative ahead, they have joined the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), which monitors the enterprises building hardware devices based on bluetooth technology.

Unlike Virtual Reality (VR) which isolates users away from the reality at hand, Augmented Reality (AR) actually works in conjunction with reality, and brings in handy features of VR into the picture.

This is what perhaps got the attention of folks at Snapchat, who are now looking to step deeper into the field of AR, with the speculated new headset. In fact, they had been pretty active in this sphere, considering they acquired Vergence Labs, which was actually involved with creating something similar to Google Glass.

Also, with the entry into the Bluetooth SIG, it can be safely assumed that the upcoming product will combine the IoT world with AR, though perhaps they remain different faces of the same entity, as a larger picture. Using Bluetooth technology will Snapchat to make the device even more interactive in real-time, and perhaps not bank on internet and data plans to function all the time.

According to media reports, “Snapchat is an ‘adopter’ in the SIG, which is a free tier that provides member-companies with a license to build Bluetooth-enabled products, and to work with other Bluetooth SIG makers on collaborative efforts.”

With AR, Snapchat could actually expand it’s reach beyond recreational use, and be of use for safety and security as well. With the 150 million, it has an user base that could be well worth testing, and getting real feedback from.