Social media jobs will not exist after a decade

by CXOtoday News Desk    Dec 02, 2013

social media job

You don’t need to fret about finding a social media expert to manage your business or website anymore. The pace at which social technologies are intruding into our daily lives, social media skills will soon become as common as reading or writing, predicts a study by Workopolis.

“Soon a generation of young professionals who’ve grown up with Twitter and Facebook as part of their daily lives will be entering the job market. With this glut of savvy young online communicators looking for work, social media skills will just become expected communication competencies, like reading and writing, rather than unique areas of expertise. This will end the need for social media experts,” notes the report.

Workopolis has been tracking online job postings to observe the job titles that appeared more frequently in 2013, and 5 previously common job titles that have been appearing less frequently. “This gives us a sense of where employment may be heading in the year ahead and beyond. Which also has led us to this time predict ten jobs that will no longer exist ten years from now,” says the company.

While a strong social media presence would still contribute to building a company’s image, branding and marketing, companies may not need to hire specialists to manage their social media presence after a few years. The study observes that today’s generation is so engrossed in social media that employers will not consider proficiency in the field as a stand-out qualification. 

Social Media Expert features at the top among Workopolis’ list of ‘Vanishing vocations: the top ten jobs that won’t exist in ten years.’ Some of the other jobs that may not exist after a few years include Retail Cashier, Word Processor/ Typist, Print Journalist, Photo Finisher, Postal Worker, Video Store Clerk among others.