Software Driven Tech To Define Data Center Strategies: Gartner

by Priyanka Pugaokar    May 03, 2016


Software is going to be the key component of the Data Center strategy of enterprises and investments in technology driven technologies will see a massive adoption among organizations, said Gartner.  

Talking at the Gartner IT Infrastructure Operations & Data Center Summit, organized in Mumbai, Naveen Mishra, Research Director at Gartner said that he spending pattern of enterprises has changed drastically and organizations are now giving more preference to software driven technologies. 

He said that Indian enterprises are heavily investing in technologies like Business Intelligence and Analytics, Mobile, Infrastructure Data Centers, Digital marketing and Cloud. Surprisingly, Security is still not at the priority list of Indian CIOs. 

“Indian enterprises will continue to focus on optimizing their infrastructure and operations budgets in 2016,” said Mishra, adding “Optimization is primarily driven with an objective to create next generation data center architecture that can support the ever increasing challenges of digital business. 

“Enterprises are using mobility solutions not only to improve productivity but to give better consumer experience. Mobile is increasingly becoming an engine to deliver the services”, he said. 

According to Gartner, the Indian IT infrastructure market will reach $1.9 billion in 2016, a 1 percent increase from 2015. The IT infrastructure market includes server, storage and enterprise networking equipment. Enterprise networking is the biggest segment within the Indian IT infrastructure market with revenue expected to total $848 million in 2016, the research firm said. 

“Enterprises are increasingly investing in software defined storage, evaluating alternate, cheaper devices, such as flash storage, which is helping them to contain the ever increasing storage costs”, he said. 

On the Server front, Mishra said that there is a lot of consolidation happening in the server space. He said that the software defined networks are generating interest among customers. 

“With the emergence of bimodal IT, there are a lot of investments made in Mode 1, and is an increasing focus on building Mode 2 infrastructure. Mode 1 workloads are witnessing investments in areas such as cloud, software defined storage and network coupled with integrated systems. Public cloud is increasingly becoming relevant for data center managers and IT leaders in India. Though it’s in the early days, DevOps is another area which is gaining traction in India within IT operations teams”, Mishra said.