Software Helps Reduce Time, Mitigate Project Risk

by CXOtoday Staff    May 28, 2009

Bentley Systems, a provider of comprehensive software solutions has released its ProjectWise Dynamic Plot V8i, a software service that brings paper into the digital age.

This is done by creating an intelligent link between paper plots and digital models, shrinking the time required to sync written comments and digital data from days to seconds, and sustaining and extending the value of project information plotted to paper. With paper plots and digital models always in sync, markup and review workflows become error-free, mitigating project risk.

Using the advanced publishing capabilities of ProjectWise InterPlot, the new software adds a unique pattern of dots to a drawing as it is plotted. Because this pattern carries with it embedded provenance, it establishes an intelligent link between the paper drawing and the model. The markups are applied to the plot as usual, but with a digital pen, and simultaneously they are captured and stored in memory. Later, the markups are transferred to the ProjectWise managed environment for automatic synchronization and association with the model, thereby ensuring a single source of truth for collaborative teams.

Harry Vitelli, Bentley vice president, MicroStation and ProjectWise, said, By making paper dynamic (adding provenance and enabling change-management), ProjectWise Dynamic Plot helps users create new value from their preferred review medium. Because paper is portable, recyclable, and scalable, it is perfectly suited for everyone who reviews designs, marks up as-built drawings, inspects facilities, or simply makes notes in the field. Today, those same people can use ProjectWise Dynamic Plot to faithfully and flawlessly capture and instantly sync hand-marked revisions on small to large plots.

Vitelli said that given the current state of the global economy and today s challenging resource constraints, now is the perfect time for organizations to invest in information technology like ProjectWise Dynamic Plot that will yield both immediate and long-term returns on the innovation it affords.

The ProjectWise Dynamic Plot workflow provides the additional advantage of automatic digital backup for all reviewer markups, which can easily be lost or destroyed in the field in paper form or overlooked during manual transfers to a computer. At the same time, it establishes a markup audit trail for management accountability. As a result, owners are assured that all as-built markups are accurately recorded increasing quality and improving safety and never lost, further reducing risk throughout the project lifecycle.

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