Solution to Reduce Product Defect Backlogs

by CXOtoday Staff    Oct 21, 2009

In a bid to enable the software industry reduce chronic software product defect backlogs, Symphony Service Corp. has unveiled a new solution — ‘Product Defect Remediation’ – designed to help software product companies reduce troublesome ‘bug’ backlog build-up.

This solution also allows product engineers of software companies and their client teams to partner with Symphony so that they can quickly reduce defect backlogs that are impacting customer satisfaction. The software companies can also benefit by freeing up internal engineering resources to focus on strategic R&D initiatives that support the rapid introduction of new software products and features.

With Symphony Services Product Defect Remediation solution, ISV’s and software-enabled businesses now have a solution that effectively reduces product bug backlogs, supporting more rapid access to revenue, improved customer satisfaction, and reallocation of internal engineering resources to the critical development of next-generation product features and functionality that customers expect.