Spiritual Inspiration Helps Her Stay Focussed

by CXOtoday Staff    Sep 07, 2009

Meet Meena Kapoor, a women entrepreneur who spearheads operations for a UK-based company’s Indian arm, Astroyogi.com. "My foray into entrepreneurship was a courtesy opportunity offered to me by a UK-based company during the dotcom boom to spearhead operations in India for various verticals that were to be developed for the European market," she says.

Her parents and siblings all live in Canada where she grew up. "My husband Ajay is into the essential oils and construction businesses. My son Aditya is studying law and is in his final year, and my daughter Akanksha is a first year B Com Honors student."

She usually starts her day at 5 am with yoga, followed by a morning walk. "I have also been going swimming for the last few days, but it’s not a regular activity," says Kapoor. She takes a cup of refreshing tea before leaving for office. "When I am at home I like to get into the kitchen and do some gourmet cooking, but this is usually if we are expecting guests and not otherwise," she says.

For her Sunday is a day to laze around at home, catch up with the extended family and read a good book. "My weekends are usually spent going out for lunch with close friends, and evenings are spent with the family, going out for dinner or movies," she adds. But this weekend she attended a family wedding. "I enjoyed dancing to a choreographed song at the party. A perfect weekend is one spent with my husband and children just relaxing and having fun," says Kapoor.

Kapoor maintains a perfect balance between her personal and professional life, and prefers to spend leisure time with family. "My personal time is very sacrosanct, and I ensure that I do not work or take calls after regular office hours," she says. She is an avid reader of all kinds of books, particularly motivational and spiritual reading. Her favorite holiday destination is Canada. It is a place of immense natural beauty. Moreover, my entire extended family lives there, and that is reason enough for it to be a favorite.

She likes Chinese food, and enjoys cooking Mughlai cuisine besides others. "I love all retro music and romantic comedies," Kapoor says. She sees several challenges that are coming across from the organizational operations. "I am dealing with a rapidly growing company and a growing team. Therefore, I need to constantly realign strategy and thought processes as well as stay focused."

On being asked about her role model, she reflects, "It would be difficult to figure out one, but I am very influenced by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, who has been inspirational in helping me to tap my inner capabilities."