Steria’s new solution to reduce IT cost, risk

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jul 11, 2012

Reduce CostSteria has recently launched Steria: RightApps Management, an application management solution that gives organisations greater business control by increasing visibility into applications, making it easier to spot security risks and areas for cost-savings.

Currently, the uncontrolled cost of mismanaged applications can be staggering, and unless organisations have a firm handle on their applications, they risk losing sight of the cost of running those applications and security. As François Enaud, CEO, Steria, explains, “Most organisations, in fact, are in the dark when it comes to knowing what applications they have running and how they are supported.”

In such a scenario this solution by Steria is a welcome considering it is based on a combination of business outcome results deployed on a ‘pay-per-use’ commercial model. This new approach to application management will involve Steria working with its customers to define the business objectives for each project and model a series of scenarios. The success of the project will be closely defined according to those objectives, and customers will pay according to the business outcomes delivered. This methodology will enable organisations to optimise their applications more effectively to spot security risks and reduce capital expenditure.

“We have revolutionised our approach to applications management with a more business-outcome orientated approach, something that has traditionally been difficult to measure. This will allow IT teams to focus more of their time on transformational projects, rather than on the burden of day-to-day application management,” said Mr. Enaud.

The solution will help to improve business and IT alignment with performance-based metrics, and increase IT’s responsiveness to business change. RightApps will make it easier for customers to spot security and reliability issues, monitor sensitive data within their apps and identify ineffective applications to enable significant, long-term, cost reductions. The solution will also help solve another common issue for many organisations – the lack of very specialist IT skills – with these consultants provided by Steria.