Sterlite and Tongguang Communication forms JV, to produce optical fibers

by CXOtoday Staff    Nov 17, 2010

Joint ventureSterlite Technologies, a global provider of transmission solutions for the power and telecom industries, and Jiangsu Tongguang Communication (TGCl), have recently announced the formation of joint venture company – Jiangsu Sterlite & Tongguang Optical Fibers (STFC) in Haimen, Jiangsu Province, China to manufacture, market and distribute optical fiber used in the production of fiber optic cables. TGCl is a provider of total transmission solutions for optical cable and IT industries

“We believe that China would continue to develop and upgrade its telecommunication infrastructure to remain globally competitive and this would ensure that the demand for optical fibers would be sustained over the long term,” remarked Pravin Agarwal, wholetime director, Sterlite Technologies.

The company informed that, as part of the agreement, Sterlite will bring in their optical fiber technology and Jiangsu Tongguang offer its fiber cable manufacturing and market knowledge in the China market. The joint venture will be committed to offering optical fibers and services to customers.

“With the benefits of extended product lines, Jiangsu Sterlite & Tongguang Optical Fibers, the joint venture between Jiangsu Tongguang Communication and Sterlite Technologies, would make it faster, easier and more cost-effective for utilities and service providers to build new age communication infrastructures,” commented Tang Jinming, chairman, Jiangsu Tongguang Communication.