STMicroelectronics Introduces NEATSwitch

by CXOtoday Staff    Nov 28, 2005

STMicroelectronics has introduced NEATSwitch, a portfolio of application specific analog, digital and power switches.

The semiconductor company says that the new application specific switches have been designed to deliver higher performance while keeping a check on factors such as cost, space and power constraints.

According to the company, the rapid convergence of functions in mobile and digital consumer equipment and the multiplicity of new, emerging standards in high-speed data communication such as HDMI/DVI, 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN and PCI-Express have resulted in growing demand for application specific switches. These functions require application-specific signal switches built with technology solutions such as low-capacitance transistors or copper metallization, combined with new circuit design and packaging technology.

“The proliferation of new standards coupled with the ever-increasing pressure to reduce costs, PCB space, and power consumption means that equipment manufacturers are increasingly looking to replace general-purpose switches with application-specific devices that are precisely tailored to their particular requirements,” said Steven Fong, Marketing Manager - advanced logic and mixed signal business unit, ST. “The NEATSwitch portfolio is the result of a convergence of competences that ST has brought together to address this trend in the market for integrated circuit switches.”

The company claims that the analog switches in the NEATSwitch range are very low on-resistance and consume low current, and hence can be optimized for mobile-phone applications where SPDT analog switches are used to direct audio/data signals between various functional blocks.

The NEATSwitch Digital-Switch line-up includes an HDMI Switch, and a high-bandwidth 2:1 multiplexer/ demultiplexer designed to support the emerging HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) standard, which is being increasingly deployed in new digital consumer products.

The company says that it is currently developing devices that exploit the synergies between its analog, digital, and power-switching expertise, such as single-chip switches for future LCD and PDP High-Definition TVs, which require a mix of analog legacy signal and high-bandwidth digital signal to deliver the new high-definition video.

The STMicroelectronics products are available in India through its distributors network.