Subex Azure Changes Brand Identity

by CXOtoday Staff    Jan 08, 2007

Subex Azure has announced a new identity for its integrated suite of software solutions named Rocware.

The suite comprises six solutions. They have been re-branded to reinforce the global nature of the business. The initiative represents its effort to integrate overlapping solution offerings, following its acquisition of Azure Solutions Ltd in June 2006 and to reinforce customer confidence.

According to Sanjeev Gadre, Sr. director- marketing, Subex, “The new brand identity articulates our vision of the revenue operations center. The Company’s sales force and business partners will undergo extensive training to understand the value and strength of the new names and our customers can expect continued expertise, stability, quality and support from Subex Azure.”

In a recent release issued by the company to the BSE, the Company recognizes that telecom operators will establish, a strategically important Revenue Operations Center (ROC). The aim is to position its solution suite as the software heart that powers the ROC.

Rocware consists of Moneta (formerly the Subex Azure Revenue Assurance System - SARAS), Nikira (formerly the Subex Azure Fraud Management System - SAFMS), Prevea - (formerly the Subex Azure Risk Management System - SARMS), Concilia (formerly the Subex Azure Interconnect Billing System - SAIBS), Symphona (formerly the Subex Azure Interparty Management System - SAIMS), and Optima (formerly the Subex Azure Routing Optimization System - SAROS).