Subex Shifts Overseas Projects, Makes Profit

by CXOtoday Staff    Aug 05, 2009

In order to raise margins and reduce costs, Indian telecom software company Subex has shifted around 20 percent of its work being carried out by its subsidiaries in Europe and the Americas to India.

As per Subhash Menon, CEO & CMD of Subex, the company incurred huge expenses due to lot of people overseas. We are gradually shifting these projects to India for the cost benefit and eliminate these overseas positions," said Menon.

By bringing down its cost of operations, the company was able to achieve a net profit of Rs.35.1 crore in the June quarter from a net loss of Rs.65.6 crore a year earlier.

During the first quarter ended June 30, Subex had about 1,150 employees in its product business and 170 in the services business.

The Bangalore-based company s top clients include British Telecom, Telecom Italia, AT&T, Telstra and Swisscom.