Subway Deploys Enterprise BI Across 31,000 Stores

by CXOtoday Staff    Jul 29, 2009

Subway, the restaurant chain, is deploying enterprise-wide business intelligence (BI) reporting and analytics for its franchises comprising 31,000 stores in 90 countries.
The reports and dashboards will provide Subway franchise owners and executives with sales performance data and key business metrics. Users will be able to gain detailed insights into individual product sales by store and by time of day to better understand what they sell, when they sell it, and where they sell it. They can drill down into reports and dashboards to view underlying data to identify sales trends and opportunities, and to make informed business decisions.

"Over an 18-month period, we evaluated all of the leading BI products and determined that MicroStrategy was the best choice for our enterprise-wide BI requirements," said Thys Van Hout, CTO for Subway. "With over 31,000 franchise stores, we were looking for a BI provider that could handle the vast amount of data that we collect. We were impressed with MicroStrategy s data scalability, as well as its ease of use for our diverse user population and its low total cost of ownership."

"MicroStrategy’s Web interface, reporting capabilities, and scalability are well-suited for Subway and other retail chains with large volumes of data and thousands of BI users," said Sanju Bansal, COO at MicroStrategy. Our integrated BI platform enables retailers to analyze their data for enhanced insights into business areas such as sales trends, inventory management, and store operations.