SugarCRM Targeting 100 Indian Customers for 2010

by Manu Sharma    Feb 19, 2010

Following the success of its Sugar Community
Edition in India,
SugarCRM, a leading open-source software-solution vendor is hopes to get bag
100 customers for its Professional Edition by 2010.

The Cupertino-based commercial free and open
source CRM software company has been driving on its free downloadable software
– Sugar Community Edition, the offering previously known as Sugar Open Source
for the last six years. The users could freely redistribute Sugar Open Source
and the license allowed for the inspection and modification of the source code
and for the creation of derived works.

Talking to CXOtoday, Clint Oram, co-founder and
VP Products of SugarCRM said, We have been driving on this model with great
success and want to the replace the same in India as well. In fact, we get
about 10,000 downloads from India
every month and expect some of these customers to migrate to our professional
or enterprise edition after trying the free online version.

Several leading companies like RedHat and MySQL
have a similar sales model and have come out successful, said Oram.

The company is represented through its partners
and resellers in India
including Bangalore-based Bhea Knowledge Technologies, 
which has partnered with system integrators
like Wipro, Sonata in India.
. We have organized
CRMAcceleration event in Mumbai and Bangalore to
talk to our prospective customers in India
and see this model working well in India as well, said Ram Kumar
L.K., director of Bhea Technologies.

The company main focus is to target
companies that have an employee base ranging from 10-1000. Unlike our competitors
who focus is on large enterprise, we are targeting SME at industry clusters
like Tirupur, Pune, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and the metros in India, said Kumar.

Oram said they would be launching their
SugarCRM version 6.0 sometime during May 2010. The new version will reduce the
number of clicks and drive the userability of the application with the
integration of social networking platforms.

The company sees competition mainly from, Microsoft s Excel Spreadsheet besides has companies like Avis,
Thomas Cook, Star Bucks as its global customers.