Suguna Goes Live On Oracle Apps

by Sunil Kumar    Aug 10, 2006

Coimbatore based Suguna Poultry Farm has claimed that it has completed implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite.

The company will use an enterprise applications suite from Oracle for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that includes management of key business processes.

“With the successful implementation at Suguna, Oracle has entered into a new industry in India - that of poultry farming,” claimed Subhomoy Sengupta, Senior Director, Applications Sales, Oracle India Private Limited.

S Karunanithi, GM - IT, Suguna said, “We previously had an in-house application for financial accounting. Poultry farming needs have increased exponentially. We needed a solution that actively considered decision making and inventory quality. Oracle Apps actively meets our needs.”

“Advance planning is needed for nearly 10,000 farmers and 26 feed mills across the country. This application will help in seed production planning and raw material procurement for 3 generation of chicks. In our industry we have to plan for the lifecycle of the poultry and automated planning will help in this case. We have to consider advanced supply chain balancing,” added Karunanithi.

“The product suite is for 9 crores and will be implemented in a phased manner. Our vendors needed process procurement and we have to consider payment for suppliers and a contract mechanism and giving incentives to farmers and monitoring production. We needed to automate planning for 10 feed mills and 10 hatcheries,” claimed Karnunithi.

“We are looking at HR and CRM solution, the vendors that we evaluated were Oracle and SAP. What we have to consider is integration of solutions across the enterprise,” concluded Karunanithi.

The Oracle applications implementation will extend across Suguna’s corporate office, nine regional offices and 100 branch offices, six grandparent poultry farms, 120 breeder farms, 30 hatcheries, 10,000 broiler farms, around 25 feed mills and five transportation offices.

The applications modules implemented at Suguna includes ERP, advanced pricing, enterprise asset management, self-service work request, incentive compensation, and supply chain planning and constraint brand optimization.