Sun Facilitates Java - .NET Interoperability

by CXOtoday Staff    Nov 07, 2005

Sun Microsystems has announced that it will further facilitate interoperability between its Java technology and the .NET platform. Sun says that the integration of the .NET platform and Java Technology will break down the barriers in the adoption of service-oriented architecture (SOA) in enterprises.

According to Sun, this ability to seamlessly integrate Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) and .NET environments will help developers create applications on a diverse range of operating systems including the Solaris Operating System (OS), Windows and Linux, that can co-exist and interoperate across heterogeneous computing environments.

This seamless integration will also enable greater collaboration for enterprises, by allowing them to leverage a larger ecosystem of partners in application development. In addition to this, the interoperability between the two platforms will help pave the way for greater adoption of web services and service-oriented architecture (SOA) based application development by reducing the associated cost, complexity and risk.

“With heterogeneous computing environments being a fact of life in the enterprise, our customers and partners have been looking for greater interoperability between Java and .NET,” said Mark Bauhaus, Senior Vice President, business integration, application platform and identity, Sun Microsystems.

“Today’s announcement demonstrates Sun’s continued commitment to open standards and community building, and is major step forward in facilitating Java and .NET interoperability. Sun is providing developers with the tools to build the next generation of Java technology-based web services and most importantly, breaking down the barriers to enable enterprises to realize the benefits of a service-oriented architecture,” he added.

Sun plans to implement WS specifications pertaining to SOAP based Messaging, Metadata, Security and Quality of Service, and will make them available to the community via Sun’s Glassfish project, the open source development project for Sun’s Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9.

Sun has also announced that it will provide the Java community with tools, sample applications, and supporting materials via its integrated software system platform, the Java Enterprise System (Java ES), and through its Java Web Services Developer Pack (Java WSDP).

Early access to the Java WSDP will be available in the first half of 2006.

As a result of this initiative, companies that have invested in both Java technology and .NET will be able to leverage their existing investments through the development of composite applications, creating an IT environment that reduces interoperability challenges and fosters innovation to meets the needs of the enterprise.