Sun Microsystemus New Java systems now in India

by CXOtoday Correspondent    Oct 02, 2003

Sun Microsystem has launched its Java Enterprise system and the Star Office 7 suite, along with the Java Desktop system, which is also called as the Madhatter.

Sun launched its Java Enterprise system, targeting media companies, retail, financial institutions, telecommunications, health care, transportation and government.

The Java Enterprise system is integrated software made simple. The software is supported by multiple operating systems. It has in-built availability and security.

The company said that the Java Enterprise System integrates enterprise network components at the heart of web services including network identity, portal, communication, security and web, application and availability services.

“Radically a new product, the system was designed keeping in mind the disadvantages of the current disjointed enterprise infrastructure, which are unpredictable cost, complexity and risk,” said, Anil Valluri, director-systems engineering, Sun Microsystems India Pvt. Ltd.

” This is a serious software made simple- simplified product, operation and simplified price,” said, Terence Ng, Director of sales, Sun software, Asia South, Sun Microsystems.

This enterprise product is priced at $ 100, per employee, per year.

The Java desktop system is a desktop solution, comprehensive, easy to use. The special feature of this product is the drag and drop facility of data between components, where data can be exported from any environment into multiple formats.

According to Anil Valluri, director-systems engineering, Sun Microsystems India Pvt. Ltd, ” This will be an alternative enterprise desktop client and will not face much of virus attack. This solution is priced comfortably. And it is user friendly and it is a secure desktop solution.”

The product is priced at $50 worldwide per client per year.

Replying to a question on the layoffs announced by Sun sometime back, Sun assured that layoffs will not affect the Indian operations. “It is only a realingment and not actually a layoff. And In India we will be recruiting people as and when there is a requirement or when there is a project,” said, K.P. Unnikrishnan, country head- marketing, Sun Microsystems India (P) ltd.