Sun Serves Strongest Java Flavor Ever Released

by CXOtoday Staff    Oct 01, 2004

Sun Microsystems today released Java 2 Platform Standard Edition J2SE 5.0, code named project Tiger. Version 6.0 of the programming framework, codenamed Mustang, has entered the development stage and is expected to propel app development further into the future.

J2SE 5.0 involved nearly 160 members designing over 100 features that drive extensive developer benefits and is being heralded as the most significant upgrade to the Java platform and programming language in nearly a decade.

Graham Hamilton, vice president, Sun fellow and lead architect for the J2SE 5.0 release, said, “Working through 15 Java Community Process expert groups, the Java community has delivered the most significant update ever to the Java platform. It sets the stage for the next wave of network systems innovation.”

Java language programmers can be more efficient and productive with new Java language features that enable faster and more secure coding. Generics, enumerated types, metadata and autoboxing of primitive types are expected to enable easier and faster coding.

A key focus for the new platform release, the Java Virtual Machine and Java technology-based applications can be monitored and managed with built-in support for Java Management Extensions. This helps ensure that systems stay up and running longer. Support for SNMP-based enterprise management systems is also viable.

J2SE 5.0 also features support for hardware acceleration via the OpenGL API for Linux and Solaris operating systems.

The Java technology platform’s leadership and impact on innovation in the network computing industry is undisputed. The J2SE platform is the foundation platform for delivering Java on the desktop and throughout the enterprise. Over the course of both beta phases for the release, over a half million downloads of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and Software Development Kit (SDK) have signaled tremendous interest in the Java platform among developers.

The installed base of Java-based technology users continues to dominate in the enterprise and on the desktop with an estimated 150 million downloads of J2SE since its availability in December 1998.

The J2SE 5.0 platform and JRE are now available for download.