Sun Supports Open Source

by CXOtoday Staff    Dec 01, 2005

Having seen great momentum with the Solaris Operating System (OS) as free and open source software, Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced today that it is making the Java Enterprise System, Sun N1 Management software, and Sun developer tools available at no cost for both development and deployment.

Also, it intends to integrate all of this software along with the Solaris OS into the Solaris Enterprise System.

These announcements are seen as part of Suns efforts to create a no-cost and open alternative to the Windows environment. The Sun Java Enterprise System and the Sun developer tools can be used at no cost on other existing multi-platform environments including Windows, HP-UX and Linux.

The single, no cost distribution allows developers and customers a risk-free way to get access to business-critical infrastructure software and also provides access to development and deployment services. This significantly lowers their risk of adoption.

“100% of our customers are deploying web infrastructures and asking for relief from onerous licenses and system integration activity. With our announced intent to open source the entirety of our software offerings, every single developer across the world now has access to the most sophisticated platform available for web 1.0, 2.0 and beyond,” said Jonathan Schwartz, President and COO of Sun.

Included at no cost in the new Solaris Enterprise System are:

* The award winning and open sourced Solaris 10 OS, with the recently announced PostgreSQL database
* The entire Sun Java Enterprise System infrastructure software platform, including the Sun Java Identity Management Suite, Sun Java Integration Suite, Sun Java Communications Suite, Sun Java Application Platform Suite, Sun Java Availability Suite and Sun Java Web Infrastructure Suite
* The N1 Management Software including the Sun N1 System Manager, the Sun N1 Service Provisioning System, the Sun N1 Grid Engine
* All tools for C, C++ and Java development, including Sun Studio 11, Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 and Sun Java Studio Creator
* SunRay ultra-thin client software
* Sun Secure Global Desktop Software

Many other components of Sun’s integrated platform are already available as open source, including the Solaris OS, the Sun Java Application Server, the NetBeans software tools, and several key underlying services like single sign-on capabilities and the ability to connect multiple, independent applications in a standard way.