SuSE builds Linux server OS for SMEs

by Hinesh Jethwani    Oct 08, 2003

SuSE Linux plans to release a new version of its Linux OS for servers, designed for small and midsize companies, next month.

The Standard Server 8 product will work with 32-bit processors from Intel and Advanced Micro Devices, and support up to two central processing units or clients.

Itůs based on the German companyůs SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 code, but it doesnůt support 64-bit technology.

The new software lets a computer handle server tasks including hosting Web sites, routing e-mail traffic, managing print jobs, sharing files over a network and acting as a gateway connecting other computers to the Internet.

SuSE is the largest Linux seller in Europe, competing with Red Hat and other Linux sellers. Last month, it debuted its Linux 9.0 operating system for desktops, which includes support for AMDůs 64-bit Athlon processor as well as Intelůs 32-bit Pentium and Xeon chips.

However SuSE is not alone in targeting small companies, as Red Hat released a version of its software thatůs aimed at a similar market segment last year.

According to SuSE, the small business release supports Web-based remote administration, and allows secure access over virtual private networks (VPNs).
Data security is ensured by access control lists, which can be modified by using remote hosts.

Standard Server 8 will cost $449 in the United States, and will be available directly from SuSE online or through resellers in the first week of November. The package includes software, documentation, installation, support and one year of participation in a maintenance program.

SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 on the other hand, costs $749. The significant price difference is expected to be its USP for capitalizing the SME market.