S/w Developers Can Now Address Licensing Issues

by CXOtoday Staff    May 31, 2005

SafeNet has announced the availability of Version 8.0 of its Sentinel LM (license manager), a licensing management product used by software developers to protect unauthorized use of their software applications.

The new features in Sentinel LM significantly improve ease of use, license transparency and application availability while retaining a high level of security.

Sentinel LM 8.0 allows software vendors to address a wider range of business models and new revenue opportunities. These augmentations help software vendors to meet customer need in dynamic and complex markets.

The product introduces a number of major new benefits that positively affect both the developer and end-user. End users can move freely and securely between on and off-network environments without any administration intervention.

With traditional network or floating licenses, users are required to manually check out a license each time they go off-network. With the new Perpetual License option-the license remains with the user until it is checked back in or the license expires. This significantly reduces administration effort and improves the experience of users who often use licenses while logged off the network, typically because they are traveling, says the company.

Introduction of licensing to end-users is immune from inadvertent user error. Occasionally new network license end-users will forget to check-out a license and find themselves in a situation where they are not able to use an application off-network, even though they are entitled to use it. Grace Period Licensing gives the developer the ability to use a configurable clock to program a limited “grace period” during which the application will function even when the license is not present.

Moreover, the number and physical location of licenses can be easily adjusted as entitlements change due to business expansion, merger, or re-allocation of resources.

“We continue to build upon Sentinel LM so that it always matches the actual business models that developers find to be most profitable. The new licensing models and flexibility of Version 8.0 ensure that licensing is practically transparent to end-users particularly in enterprise environments with centralized license management,” said Deepak Prasad, general manager, SafeNet India Private Limited.